The Town of Elizabeth Board of' Trustees recognizes that the arts are vital to the community's quality of life; important in attracting visitors and tourists; valuable as a source of commerce and industry and desired by businesses considering relocation.

Therefore on August 27, 2013 Resolution 13R12 was adopted and the Public Art Committee of the Town of Elizabeth was created. Its purpose is to nurture the arts and cultural activities in the community and to make both more readily available to residents.


The Public Art Committee includes the following volunteer members of the community:

Grace Erickson - Town of Elizabeth, Community Development  Director
Dan Kelly, Secretary - Community member, artist
Aivars Tobiss - Community member, artist
Rachel White - Community member, Board of Trustees liaison
Jennifer Skalecke - Community member, artist
Suzy Sadak - Community member, artist

Melissa Bonds - Student Ambassador


The role of the Public Art Committee is to serve as the principal coordinating body for the advancement of the arts within Elizabeth, and to work closely with all community groups to maximize the limited resources available to the arts. 


A few of the initial responsibilities of the Public Art Committee include:
  • Identify suitable art objects for: open town-owned areas, and/or inside any town-owned facility in areas designated as public areas; 
  • Describe the method of preservation of art objects and artifacts that may be displayed ín public places; 
  • Prescribe procedures for the selection, acquisition and display of' art in public places; 
  • Describe the funding opportunities for promoting public art; and 
  • Set forth any other matter appropriate to the administration of' this Resolution.